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Oriental rugs date back over 2500 years with the discovery of the Pazyryk Rug found in a Siberian burial site. From Nomads to Kings, people have taken advantage of Oriental rugs’ warmth and prized their long-lasting beauty. Today, they grace homes and offices with their elegance and go with any decor.

Generally, Oriental rugs will increase in value with age and proper care. Often it's a purchase for a lifetime, and when properly maintained, for generations. The following information offers easy, basic steps for the care and protection of an Oriental rug.


Caring For Your Oriental Rug

Never attempt to wash an Oriental rug yourself. Commercial dry cleaning or shampooing can damage your Oriental rug. For expert cleaning, call Mir Sultan Oriental Rugs. All cleaning is done at the store's location. We will pick up your rug and return it to you after cleaning. Professional cleaning is recommended every three to five years depending on usage.


Guide For Stain Removal
  1. ACT QUICKLY - Do not let a stain set.
  2. Never rub. Blot liquids with white paper towels or absorbent cloth.
  3. Start from the outside and work towards the center of the stain.
  4. Identify the stain and locate it on the Stain Removal Index. If there is no recommended procedure, refer to number eleven below.
  5. Never over wet a rug, water can rot the cotton warp threads on oriental rugs.
  6. Apply recommended stain remover. Do not soak.
  7. Blot stain remover.
  8. Repeat steps six and seven if necessary.
  9. Dry carpet and brush pile to restore texture.
  10. If stain persists, repeat entire procedure.
  11. If unable to remove stain, Call Mir Sultan Oriental Rugs and give us the following information:
    • Type of stain
    • Type of carpet fiber
    • Color of carpet
    • Age and general condition of carpet
    • Removal methods attempted


Stain Removal Index

Stain Removal Index

  1. Detergent Solution
    • One teaspoon of neutral detergent (such as brands used for washing lingerie) and one teaspoon white vinegar in one-quart warm water.
  2. Paint Remover
    • Should not contain any oil, lacquer thinner may be used.
  3. Dry Cleaner Fluid
    • Any common brand can be used according to manufacturer's instructions.
  4. Rust Remover
    • Any commercial brand can be used according to manufacturer's instructions.
  5. Acetone
    • Nail polish remover without lanolin or lacquer thinner.
  6. Alcohol
    • Rubbing, denatured or Isopropyl.
  7. Water

If there is not a recommended procedure for removing a particular stain, call Mir Sultan Oriental Rugs and one of our experts will be glad to assist you.


Stain Removal Index B
Ball Point Ink B, C then A, G
Beer A & G
Catsup  A & G
Chewing Gum Ice cubes then C
Clay Vacuum, A & G
Coffee A & G
Cola A & G
Crayon B & G
Egg A & G
Food Dye A & G
Food Dye A & G
Fruit Juice A & G
Furniture Polish B, C, F, A & G
Grape Drink A & G
Gravy A & G
Grease (car) C
Ice Cream A & G
Lipstick B & C
Milk B, C, A, G
Mustard A & G
Oil (Car) C
Oil Based Paint B, F, A & G
Permanent Ink A & G
Plaster Vacuum then B & G
Shoe Polish B & A
Tar C
Tea A & G
Urine A & G
Washable Ink A & G
Water Color A & G
Wax Paper towels on spot, hot iron over paper towels. Wax will be absorbed into toweling in a few minutes, then C


Preserving Your Oriental Rug

If you check the side edges of your oriental rug, you will see that the rug is finished with a stiff binding. These bindings do the same job for the sides of the rug as the kilim weave does for the ends, they protect the knots. Have the selvedges checked by an expert; the worn parts should be repaired.


Uneven Wear

Observe the traffic patterns on the rug. If there is constant traffic on one portion of the rug, rotate the rug every year. This will insure equal traffic wear on all sides of the rug.



Over many years of exposure to the sun, most Oriental rugs will fade in color and brightness. This is not a problem as long as the fading is even throughout the rug. As new rugs age, the bright colors will fade into beautiful soft tones. This is one reason why older rugs are very desirable. Rotate the rug once a year to prevent uneven fading.


Color Runs

Both vegetable dyes and chemical dyes may run if the rug is improperly washed. Even a water spillage on the carpet may cause color run. Experts at Mir Sultan Oriental Rugs can clean the color run and restore the beauty of your Oriental rug. Before using any cleaning agent, be sure to first test for color fastness on a small and inconspicuous area of the rug. When in doubt, always ask a professional.

Our service department is staffed by some of the finest weavers, repairpersons and experts in the world and we have proudly serviced fine collections of Oriental rugs for many years. For more information, questions or advice on preservation of Oriental rugs, please call Mir Sultan Oriental Rugs.


Why Invest In A Better Rug Cushion
  1. No crushing
    • Superior nonwoven synthetic cushions absorb traffic pressure and extend the life of your rugs while keeping them fresh and good-looking. Inexpensive foam and vinyl pads have no resistance; they let the fibers of your precious rugs get smashed into the floor.
  2. Easy Cleaning
    • Nonwoven synthetics and open rubber grids allow air to flow through the rug carrying the dirt away and providing more through cleaning. When vacuuming, inexpensive plastic and rubber foams choke off air from underneath the rug.
  3. Safety
    • Proper cushions keep rugs smooth, flat and in place over any kind of surface. Rugs unprotected by the right kind of cushion can curl, wrinkle and skid causing potentially serious tripping and slipping accidents.
  4. Rug Ventilation
    • Superior rug cushions protect your rugs while allowing air to circulate under and through them for maximum freshness. Rugs laid directly on floors or over inexpensive foam pads or do not allow adequate air circulation. This can cause dampness, mildew, odors and stains on floors.

      Mir Sultan recommends Ulti-MatJ padding, the ultimate pad. Ulti-MatJ provides soft cushioning for comfort and a grip rubber backing for performance. An Ulti-MatJ rug pad will keep your rug completely flat.


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